Raczkoski, B. M., Robinson, J. S., Edwards, M. C., Baker, M. A., Gordon, S. R., & Cole, K. (2019). A metric for predicting student motivation to participate in a study abroad course. Journal of Agricultural Education, 60(4), 101-114. doi: 10.5032/jae.2019.04101

This study investigated the factor structure of the Perceived Costs of Studying Abroad Instrument (PCoSAI), as adapted from the expectancy-value-cost model instrument, with exploratory factor analysis (EFA) from 1 independent sample of students enrolled in a College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (CASNR) at Oklahoma State University (OSU). The EFA sample of 381 students was assessed during an in-class recruitment event for international courses or experiences offered
through the CASNR during the 2017 Fall semester. The participants included 113 male and 268 female students; 118 had previously traveled abroad at least once. The mean composite score for the sample varied from average to somewhat below average and evinced substantial differences among scores. A 4-factor solution was considered using principal axis factoring with a Promax rotation. Selected extraction criteria and parameter estimates supported the 4-factor PCoSAI explaining 81% of the
variance. Cronbach’s alpha scores for the four sub-scales ranged from .90 to .93. The study produced a usable instrument for determining incoming students’ motivation to participate in study abroad experiences. Future research should employ a confirmatory factor analysis to confirm the factor structures.

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