Thornton, K. M., Coleman, B. M., Bunch, J. C., Roberts, T. G. (2020). Professional life phases: Identifying professional development needs for Florida agriscience teachers. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(4), 283-295.

For learners to be better prepared to solve current and future complex problems, teachers must
continue to strengthen and refine their teaching and learning practices throughout their career. One
known modality to assist teachers in refining their pedagogical skills is teacher participation in
professional development opportunities. The purpose of this study was to identify the self-perceived
professional development needs of agriscience teachers in Florida based on their professional life
phase. All three career phases shared modifying instruction for students with special needs as one of
their top identified instructional practice needs. It is recommended that agricultural education
professional development organizers consider years of experience when planning workshops and
opportunities. The “cookie cutter” method or “one size fits all” themes for professional development
may not be the most effective way to continue offering these workshops since the findings of this study
and others indicate differing needs of agriscience teachers based on professional life phase and years
of experience.

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