Eck, C. J., Robinson, J. S., Cole, K. L., Terry, Jr., R., & Ramsey, J. W. (2020). The validation of the effective teaching instrument for school-based agricultural education teachers. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(4), 229-248.

Producing competent, qualified, effective teachers to meet a growing nationwide demand is a daunting
task. Identifying and preparing school-based agricultural education teachers is no exception. The
purpose of the study was to validate and refine a 58-item effective teaching instrument for SBAE
teachers. The population of interest was SBAE teachers nationwide (N = 12,690). Through principal
component analysis, 26 of the original 58 items were retained as measures of SBAE teacher
effectiveness. The instrument was validated and found to have acceptable Cronbach’s alpha levels for
each of the six components. As a result, we conclude the instrument is appropriate for measuring the
effectiveness of SBAE teachers and recommend it being used with other teachers, especially those in
the Career and Technical Education fields.

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