Volume 42 - Number 1 - 2001 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2001.01029



This study was conducted to determine student interest in taking a course through the Internet, rather than meeting in a traditional face-to-face classroom. Further, it sought to identify student characteristics that influence interest in taking a course through the Internet and to identify instructional design considerations based on importance placed on various features by students. The need for this study arises from the demand for particular courses, specifically AGED 340 "Professional Leadership Development", surpassing the capacity within the department. The need to utilize alternative methods of delivering leadership education to meet demand is accompanied by the responsibility to assess student interest in these methods and consideration of preferred instructional design strategies. The research design used was a descriptive survey method. More than 80% of the students indicated that they would be interested in taking one or more courses through the Internet. No significant relationships were discovered between any of the students' personal characteristics examined and interest in taking Internet-based courses. Scheduled meetings, audio, and graphics were indicated by students to be important components of an online course. This study provides baseline information that can assist in the development of an online leadership course to meet current needs.

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