Pratt, A., Falk, J., Smith, K., & Bush, S. (2021). Personas of agricultural education supporters: A Q-method study. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(1), 47-60.

Educational partnerships are an essential part of agricultural education programs whereby external
supporters give their time, talent, and resources to assist teachers and students. An agricultural
teachers’ ability to recruit and retain quality supporters relies in part on their understanding of the
characteristics and preferences of those individuals. In this study, we utilized a Q-method research
design to examine the perspectives that existed related to school-based agricultural education (SBAE)
supporter personas in Idaho. Deci and Ryan’s (1985) Self Determination theory served as the
framework for our study. Our participants included a diverse set of 49 individuals who give their time,
talent, or resources to support Idaho SBAE programs. Participants completed a questionnaire, q-sort
procedure, and interview to examine components of each respondent’s viewpoint related to serving as
an agricultural education supporter. Three common viewpoints, or personas, resulted from the data
which were classified as: Developers, Amplifiers, and Visionaries. SBAE teachers should recognize
that different personas of supporters exist and be intentional with selecting, training, and managing
supporters in a manner that benefits the supporters’ experience with the SBAE program. Researchers
should further explore the experiences and preferences of SBAE program supporters from the
supporters’ perspective.


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