Wells, T., Hainline, M., Rank, B., Sanders, K., & Chumbley, S. (2021). A regional study of the agricultural mechanics knowledge and skills needed by school-based agricultural education teachers. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(2), 148-166. http://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2021.02148

A priority of agricultural teacher education programs is to develop technically competent, prepared
school-based agricultural education (SBAE) teachers. SBAE teachers should be knowledgeable in
various agricultural subject matter, such as agricultural mechanics. Using Roberts and Ball’s (2009)
Content-based Model for Teaching Agriculture as the conceptual framework for our study, we used a
three-round Delphi technique to identify the agricultural mechanics knowledge and skills SBAE
teachers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas need to successfully teach agricultural
mechanics courses. Spread across all four states, a panel of 47 SBAE teachers with expertise in
agricultural mechanics contributed data for our study. Thirty-five teachers participated in all three
rounds. After all three rounds were completed, 71 technical agricultural mechanics knowledge and
skill items (e.g., circular saw use, computer numerical control [CNC] systems use, etc.) and 49
agricultural mechanics “teacher skill” / laboratory management knowledge and skill items (e.g.,
budget management, developing a student traffic control system, etc.) were identified. We recommend
various efforts to help expand teachers’ competence in these items should be undertaken within these
states, including: (1) establishing and expanding partnerships with agricultural industry stakeholders
to provide professional development opportunities for SBAE teachers, (2) realigning agricultural
teacher education courses and experiences to better reflect teachers’ agricultural mechanics
knowledge and skill needs, and (3) facilitating opportunities for teachers to develop competence in
agricultural mechanics through SBAE teacher-led training. To help provide systematic, consistent
examination of teacher competence needs in agricultural mechanics, replication of our study should
occur at regular intervals.

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