Thiel, B. and Marx, A. (2021). Making the jump: What led agriscience teachers to adopt agriscience research SAEs? Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(2), 119-136.

The purpose of this study was to identify the factors, attitudes, and beliefs that led secondary schoolbased
agricultural education (SBAE) teachers to adopt agriscience research Supervised Agricultural
Experiences (SAEs) into their programs. Nine current SBAE teachers from North Dakota participated
in semi-structured interviews regarding their experiences with agriscience research SAEs. The
interviews were subjected to two rounds of coding and were collapsed into themes during a third round
of analysis. A myriad of experiences, beliefs, and factors contributed to teachers’ decisions to adopt
agriscience research SAEs into their programs. However, the most salient reasons were compatibility
with the overall goals of the school district, a commitment to whole-student development, teacher
ability and support, multitasking behavior, extensive teacher planning and student support, and positive
student buy-in. Though the unique experiences of the participants are not generalizable beyond the
present study, we offer recommendations for teacher educators, state staff, and teacher leaders
regarding the further adoption and integration of agriscience research SAEs into SBAE programs

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