Lamm, K., Randall, N., Lamm, A., & Sapp, L. (2021). Extension organizational strengths: A Delphi analysis. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(2), 53-65.

Sharing the importance of agriculture, agricultural education, and programmatic efforts through
Extension is vital to ensuring policy makers and the general public understand the need for supporting
the overall agricultural industry. However, communicating such importance can be challenging
without accurate, evidence-based language to describe what makes agricultural initiatives unique and
effective. Furthermore, having knowledge of the unique strengths of Extension builds a foundation of
resources agricultural staff can use in problem-solving, communication, and education techniques. A
Delphi study was conducted to research the unique strengths of University of Georgia Extension in an
effort to better educate and communicate with local and state stakeholders. Findings resulted in 11
strengths that gained 100% agreement from research respondents. Six thematic categories covering all
agreed-upon strengths document strengths in an explicit way that can also help with internal
communication and education efforts within the Extension organization.

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