Lamm, K., Sapp, L., Lamm, A., & Randall, N. (2021). Exploring relationships between goal orientation and conflict management capacity development in agricultural leadership development program participants. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(2), 1-12.

Motivational dispositions behind how learners approach, interpret, and respond to challenging goals
can serve as beneficial foundations to conflict management training and implementation. There is a
dearth of research connecting the constructs of goal orientation and conflict management and this study
does so, for the first time in an agricultural leadership context. Using The Conflict Management Scale
and The Work Domain Goal Orientation Instrument, 80 members of a LEAD21 agricultural leadership
development cohort exhibited a 15.2% increase in conflict management capacity. Learning goal
orientation was predictive of conflict management capacity prior to the start of LEAD21. Both learning
goal orientation and performance goal orientation-prove were found to have predictive qualities after
LEAD21 conflict management training. In addition to a discussion on future research directions,
educators, as well as learners, are encouraged to incorporate goal orientation into curriculum
development and planning for the enhancement of learning environments.

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