Volume 41 - Number 3 - 2000 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2000.03060



The purpose of this study was to describe and compare perceptions of the quality of on-campus and off-campus courses held by students enrolled in courses offered through the College of Agriculture Off-Campus Professional Agriculture Degree Programs (N = 173) and faculty members with teaching responsibilities or with teaching experience in the same college of agriculture ( N = 262) Faculty and students provided a positive assessment of the overall quality of both on- and off-campus courses. They also providedapositive assessment of both on- and off-campus courses on the manufacturing-based user-based value-based and transcendent-based quality factors. Even so, both students and faculty perceived offcampus courses to be of lower quality than on-campus courses with the greatest difference on the transcendent quality factor. It was recommended that the focus for improving the quality of off-campus courses be on the manufacturing-based factor. When the production and delivery processes are handled correctly and aligned to achieve outcomes based on student needs, off-campus courses will be recognized for innate excellence (transcendent quality). If quality off-campus courses in agriculture are to be offered, special attention must be given to improving the production, quality control, and distribution systems for courses and course materials.

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