Volume 41 - Number 3 - 2000 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2000.03050



The purpose of this study was to describe the attitudes of Illinois secondary agriscience students and their parents toward the agricultural industry and educational programs in agriculture. Students were sampled based upon enrollment in science applications in agriculture courses. A corresponding number of parents was also selected (one parent per student). Results indicated that approximately 90% of both students and parents perceived the science applications in agriculture courses to be of 'Excellent" or "Good" quality. Both students andparents reportedpositive attitudes toward agriculture as a career field and toward agricultural technologies. Each expressed views classified as "uncertain " toward educationalprograms in agriculture, although each rated high school agriculture and science programs as high in quality. Students enrolled in BSAA/PSAA courses (and their parents) expressed more positive attitudes toward each of the constructs than did students and parents from the general population. Likewise, students ' attitudes toward agriculture as a career field agricultural technologies, and educational programs in agriculture were more positive if they rated the quality of the science applications in agriculture courses high. Whereas students expressed positive attitudes toward careers in agriculture, parents were reluctant to recommend those careers.

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