Volume 41 - Number 1 - 200 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2000.01069



The purpose of this study was to determine if a statistical relationship existed between academic achievement and exam delivery method for students enrolled in the AgEE 62-Computer Applications in Agriculture course during spring semester 1999. Significant, positive, moderate associations resulted  between academic achievement and exam delivery method; agriculture students ( n = 45) who took the quiz using the paper-and-pencil method scored significantly higher than did students who took the quiz in an electronic version only. A significant, moderate relationship existed between academic achievement and learning style for the quiz; field-independent students achieved significantly higher quiz scores than did field-dependent learners. Independent learners had significantly more computer enjoyment than did dependent learners. Field-independent learners had significantly lower levels of computer anxiety after the midterm than did field-dependent learners. AgEE 62 students agreed that taking computer skills exams electronically was not as easy as taking the exams in a more traditional paper-and-pencil fashion. Early identification of field-dependent learners allows the instructor, teaching assistants, and/or cooperative learning teams an opportunity to provide additional assistance for students who find learning computer skills an academic challenge.

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