Volume 41 - Number 1 - 2000 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2000.01008



Goals for agricultural education outlined in the results of the Reinventing Agricultural Education for the Year 2020projectproposed change at all levels of education including teacher education. For this study, teacher educators and other stakeholders provided input about what changes in preservice programs are needed in order to meet the needs of the future. A web-based statistical program was used to gather, sort, rate, and display the input in the form of a concept map, providing visualization of the concepts through cluster analysis. A group ofparticipants met to examine the results of the project and to determine any desired action based on the results. The group decided to promote the development of national standards for teacher education in agriculture. This decision was adopted by the Program Improvement Committee of the American Association of Agricultural Education as part of its Program of Work and represents a philosophical shift of the organization as it moves toward the next century.

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