Volume 40 - Number 4 - 1999 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1999.04067



The purpose of this study was to report similarities and dissimilarities of the descriptivecorrelational job satisfaction studies conducted by Newcomb, Betts, and Cano (1987), Cano and Miller (1992), and Castillo, Cano, and Conklin (1997). Specifically, this study sought to compare overall job satisfaction levels and the factors associated with job satisfaction/dissatisfaction among female and male agriculture teachers in Ohio over a ten-year period. Job satisfying (motivator) factors investigated were: achievement, advancement, recognition, responsibility, and the work itself. Job dissatisfying (hygiene) factors investigated were: interpersonal relations, policy and administration, salary, supervision, and working conditions. Demographic characteristics in all three studies were reported. There has been a major increase in the number of female teachers. Moreover, there was a decrease in the number of teachers of agriculture in Ohio. Overall, Ohio agriculture teachers have remained satisfied with their jobs over the past ten years. Female and male teachers have remained slightly dissatisfied to satisfied with the motivator and hygiene factors of their job. It was recommended that bureaucracies of the job and opportunities for advancement be reconsidered and investigatedfor gender bias. Furthermore, informative administrative training with regard to agricultural education program responsibilities was suggested.

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