Volume 40 - Number 3 - 1999 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1999.03030



The demandfor distance education (DE) has continued to increase. Recent technology advances allow more flexibility in the methods of delivering this education. These advances have created a challenge for most universities and educators to again reevaluate their role in DE. Web-based courses andprograms are one exciting avenue that needs to be researched and evaluated. Faculty will play an important role in the acceptance and adoption of these types of programs. This study investigated the perceptions of Iowa State University Department of Agronomy faculty regarding web-based DE and more specifically the M.S. in Agronomy Distance Education Degree Program. Findings showed that perceptions were significantly higher when faculty were familiar with the MS. in Agronomy Degree Program, had viewed a lesson, or had been involved in the program. Overall, the faculty were undecided about their perception of web-based DE and the M.S. in Agronomy Degree Program; their largest concerns focused on the value of web-based degrees, the effectiveness of student-professor interaction, and the rigor of web-based DE. Faculty were the most positive about the comparability between web-based DE and on-campus courses in regard to challenge. The faculty also thought the university should develop more web-based courses and integrate them into the curricula.

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