Volume 40 - Number 2 - 1999 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1999.02038



Conducting volunteer recognition activities consumes considerable time and effort on the part of Extension agents whofunction as volunteer coordinators. But what types andsources of recognition do 4-H volunteers most appreciate? The purpose of this study was to inquire of current tenured 4-H volunteers what broad categories and specific kinds of recognition they most value, as well as by whom they most appreciate being recognized. Data were collectedfrom 2 79 volunteers attending a state 4-H volunteer recognition banquet. while formalpublic events were the most frequent components of county recognition programs, 4-H volunteers ranked informal rewards, which generated intrinsic feelings of recognition as more desirable. Therefore, initiatives which emphasize informal, personal recognition of volunteers, which are designed to stimulate intrinsic feelings of accomplishment, importance, or self-worth, in combination with public events, will enhance the effectiveness of the organization 's volunteer recognition program.

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