Volume 39 - Number 3 - 1998 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1998.03041



The major-purpose of the study was to examine perceptions of 4-H parents in Districts II and IV in the Texas 4-H program relative to the educational value of competition in the 4-Hprogram. Two-hundred-fifty parents whose children were currently or formerly enrolled in the 4-H program were sampled from the population.


The parents in the study had a very positive attitude toward competition in 4-H, regardless of demographic background. The major reasons the parents had their children participate in 4-H competitive events were because they perceived it enhanced their child's personal skill development and self esteem. The major concerns the parents had about 4-H competitve activities centered on excessive parental involvement and unethical practices.


4-H parents in the distrircts varied in their attitude toward competition, primarily because of three factors: (1) senior volunteer leaders tended to be more positive toward competition than junior leaders, (2) individuals who participated in 4-H camp tended to be more positive toward competition, and (3) those former 4-H members who enrolled in 4-H at a later age tended to be more positive toward competition.

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