Volume 39 - Number 2 - 1998 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1998.02019



The purpose of this study was to determine factors related to enrollment of African Americans in secondary agricultural science programs. Eleven agricultural science programs in Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia were studied during site visits. Also, one agricultural science teacher in each of the high schools was interviewed. Based on the observations and other data that were collected, the researchers found that agricultural science teachers' attitudes toward teaching and students had a significant impact on African American enrollments in agricultural science courses. Those teachers who could relate well to all students and were enthusiastic about their programs had the highest number of African American students in their courses. In addition, programs that had high technology, science-based curricula enrolled more African American students than traditional production oriented programs. Also, schools with an African American agricultural science teacher had higher percentages of African American students in the agricultural science program.

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