Volume 39 - Number 1 - 1998 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1998.01063



The sustainable agriculture movement is an important one for educators because ofincreasing societal concern about the effects of agriculture on the environment. Three groups of young people were studied over a four-year period to determine what they perceived to be the consequences of adoption of sustainable agriculture practices. The most likely consequences were greater management requirements and changes in equipment Potential producers were more likely than those somewhat older to expect positive consequences and to use dealers as a source of information. Neighbors, family, and friends were rated most highly as a source of information for all groups. Adoption/diffusion tbeoryprovided the base for studying the attributes of sustainable practices affecting adoption, and the attribute of complexity had the most influence. Recommendations were: (a) include observations of conservation practices in under-graduate programs, (b) establish networks of graduates, and (c) target dealers who cooperate with Extension in providing educational programs on sustainable agriculture.

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