Volume 39 - Number 1 - 1998 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1998.01017



A census survey of the teaching faculty in a land grant university's College of Agriculture was conducted The survey instrument was a three-part questionnaire designed by the researchers. The purpose of this study was to provide baseline data and focus for the improvement of instruction in a College of Agriculture through the utilization of electronic teaching technologies. The objectives, stated as questions, were: I) What are selected personal andprofessionaf characteristics of the teaching faculty?; 2) What is the perceived level of competence that members of the teaching faculty have in using electronic technologies associated with distance education?; 3) How important do teaching faculty members perceive that these technologies are or will be in teaching and learning?; and 4) What is the perceived availability of equipment, facilities, and training for faculty to use these technologies? Findings indicatd that teaching faculty lack both competence in using these electronic technologies, and confidence in their ability to use appropriate distance teaching methodologies to deiiver courses. However, they believe that using electronic technologies would enhance their teaching, and that the development and use of electronic teaching technologies will change how, but not change what, they teach over the next five years.

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