Volume 38 - Number 4 - 1997 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1997.04059



This article presents a synthesis of research and identifies research deficiency on supervising supervised agricultural experience (SAE) programs during a thirty-year period, 1964 - 1993. A library search of selected sources was used to gather data for the study. Research in this area was found to be primarily descriptive. SAE program partners (teachers, students, parents, and employers) value the supervisory role of teachers in conducting SAE programs, however, implementation of the practice varies greatly from state to state. Cumulative data are not available to guide the development of policies and standards for supervising SAE programs. Future research in this area should focus on effects of supervision on SAE programs, when in a SAE programs is supervision most critical to student learning, roles of each area partner in supervising SAE programs, goals for SAE visits, strategies for planning SAE programs and recording accomplishments, extended contracts and release time for SAE supervision, and teacher education related to supervising SAE programs.

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