Volume 38 - Number 4 - 1997 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1997.04011



A basic responsibility of the agricultural education teacher is to integrate the FFA organization into their education program. Serving as a FFA advisor, the teacher's role is to facilitate the activities and events of the FFA organization. One educational tool available for the advisor and students is the program of activities (POA). Thus, the study sought to determine the use of the program or activities by FFA chapter advisors. Descriptive survey research used to gather data found that fifty percent of the advisors were exposed to a POA as a former FFA member. The greatest influence on advisors for using a POA was state mandate. Advisors use other teachers as a source of knowledge in developing a POA with most adopting the National FFA Organization committee structure. Additionally, POA committee meetings tend to be convened during class, and advisors report to involve their students in planning, implementing and evaluating POA activities. Furthermore, advisors tend to have a moderately positive attitude toward the POA. Reccomendations are offered based on these findings. 

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