Volume 38 - Number 1 - 1997 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1997.01061



The purpose of the study was to identify, describe and assess the junior high/middle school agricultural education programs in Nebraska. Seventy-three programs reported having a junior high/middle school agricultural education program. Most of the programs had been in existence 10 years or less. A clear majroity of respondents had nine-week programs. Over half of the respondents that did not have junior high/middle school programs wanted to add the program, but the "school class schedule" was the most frequently identified deterrent. Those instructors not interested in adding a program cited a "full instructor schedule" as their major deterrent. For those who offered junior high/middle school programs, the most frequently cited opportunities for offering the program were to "promote agriculture awareness," "recruitment for agriculture classes," and "exposure to career opportunities in agriculture."

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