Volume 37 - Number 1 - 1996 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1996.01041



The National Young Farmer Educational Association, Inc. (NYFEA) is the vocational student organization for those adults enrolled in agriculture classes, usually through the local vocational agriculture/agricultural education program. Since being incorporated as a non-profit, non-political educational association for agriculture in 1982, the organization has developed programs based on assumptions about the membership that may not have been true. This article reports on a doctoral study which sought to: develop a demographic profile of NYFEA members; examine involvement of NYFEA members in farm and off-farm employment; and, identify future plans of NYFEA members. A random sample was drawn of the 17,750 members nationally. A mailed questionnaire provided data for the study. NYFEA were 12 years younger than the national average for farmers; their farms were twice the size and they had a larger investment; NYFEA members sold twice the agricultural products; and, had a higher level of education than the average American farmer. Over one-third of NYFEA members worked off the farm and a majority planned to expand their farm operations. The age limitation on membership should be reexamined based on the findings of the study; demographics should be considered in developing curriculum and activities for the NYFEA.

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