Volume 36 - Number 4 - 1995 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.1995.04048



The major purpose of this investigation was to identify "core" journals used by agricultural and extension educators. In addition, the importance of journals as a medium of communication and subject matter areas published in the base "core" journal were also examined. A total of 19 issues and 162 articles that appeared in Journal of Agricultural Education (JAE) during the decade of the eighties were analyzed to accomplish the study objectives. A total of 11 journals were identified each of which received a total of at least 5 citations in the base journal (JAE). The top five journals were: Journal of Agricultural Education, Educational and Psychological Measurement, Journal of Extension, Journal of Teacher Education, and Journal of Applied Psychology. These 11 journals accounted for 193 (51%) of the total citations. Journals, followed by books and bulletin/reports, accounted for 73% of the citations. Findings also indicated that agricultural educators tended to publish topics in only six of the 18 topics. Further, the number of times a journal article is cited has increased over the years from 4.2 in 1982 to 11 in 1990, indicating breadth in reading habits of agricultural and extension educators.

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