Volume 49 - Number 4 - 2008 | DOI: 10.5032/jae.2008.04083



This study sought to determine the factors that influenced student decisions to participate in FFA in a rural school and their level of involvement as an FFA member. Data was collected from 2,111 high school students in 41 rural high schools in Arizona, Florida, and Texas. Discriminant analysis identified four factors that influence participation in FFA in the respondents: high school GPA, participation in on-campus (non-Career/Technical organizations) activities, agreement with the statement "Leadership activities have made me a more confident person," and the student's year in school. Factors identified that influenced the level of involvement in FFA by the respondents were: involvement in on-campus athletics, involvement in on-campus (non-Career/Technical organizations) activities, high school GPA, and agreement with the statement "My friends would think less of me." Future research is recommended, including a replication of this study with urban students.

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