Lindner, J., Harder, A., & Roberts, G. (2020). Elevating the impacts of research in agricultural education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(2), 249-262.

Dissemination of research is a critical part of the research process. Researchers in agricultural education have long embraced this process. However, the Internet has changed the ways in which research is disseminated, with the potential for much broader impacts around the world. The purpose of this study was to provide a benchmark of the current impact of research in agricultural education by examining how journals and researchers in the field fare on commonly used research metrics. It was concluded that many of the common journals in agricultural education are not even listed in the indices that provide metrics to assess journals. It was also concluded that many researchers in agricultural education are not taking steps to provide public profiles of their research and thus do not have individual researcher metrics. In some ways, we are invisible to the broader scientific community. Practical suggestions are provided to elevate the reputations of our journals and the reputations of our researchers.

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