Gates, H., Borges, B., & Shoulders, C. (2020). Tagged to teach ag day: Evaluating the influence of a recruitment event on students’ perceptions of campus climate. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(2), 222-237.

In an effort to measure the influence of an immersive recruitment event, we sought to evaluate high school students’ perceptions toward university climate before and after engaging in a day-long event hosted as part of National Teach Ag Day. The Inviting School Survey-Revised (ISS-R) was administered via paper and pencil when the students arrived and again at the conclusion of the event. Pre-test scores indicated students had favorable opinions of all aspects of [University’s] climate factors before attending the event; however, mean scores were consistently higher on the post-test than on the pre-test for all school climate factor areas. We recommend agricultural education departments explore the possibility of implementing a similar immersive recruitment event tailored specifically for agricultural education students. Further, we recommend future research use experimental methods and larger sample sizes to expand the generalizability of these findings.

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