Coleman, B., Bunch, J., and Thoron, A. (2020). Identifying agriscience teachers’ instructional practice professional development needs by certification type. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(3), 86-100.

A nationwide teacher shortage is evident in the United States. Due to the teacher shortage, those with
alternative teaching certifications are being utilized to fulfill the teacher shortfall. Current literature
indicates diverse needs between traditionally and alternatively certified agriscience teachers. Further
examination of the needs of traditionally and alternatively certified agriscience teachers is a necessary
step toward providing support that could lead to less teacher attrition. The purpose of this study was
to describe the self-perceived, professional development needs of agriscience teachers in Florida based
upon their initial certification type. All three types of certified agriscience teachers reported
determining content to be taught in specific courses and assessing student learning in the classroom
and laboratory among their highest needs. However, alternatively certified agriscience teachers
indicated a greater need in every selected competency of instructional practices. It is recommended
agricultural education departments and others who are interested in agriscience teacher professional
development consider teacher certification types when implementing professional development
workshops. Future research should include the examination of the five additional needs areas
determined by the researchers.

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