Barajas, G., Crump, M. K., Vincent, S. K., & McCubbins, O. P. (2020). Somos nosotros! Lived experiences of Latinx ELL youth enrolled in secondary agricultural education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(4), 143-155.

This study examines the inherent relationship Latinx English-Language Learners students have with
their agriculture teacher and the overall agricultural education program at four rural high schools. It
is based upon a series of 11 focus group interviews with two U.S. born and 27 immigrant students from
Central America and Mexico, all of whom were in at least their second year of enrollment in secondary
agricultural education. The study also includes direct observations of classrooms and peer
interactions. Four themes emerged that reflect White students creating an unaccepting dynamic,
ignorance toward the Latinx students passion for agriculture, high respect toward the agriculture
teacher and a program culture that is currently not relatable to Latinx youth. Recommendations for
pedagogical approaches that encourage English comprehension should be implemented into the
agricultural education programs along with bold initiatives that gives voice for Latinx students
throughout the program, specifically the FFA organization. Additional research that further replicates
this study is necessary as well as an understanding of teacher’s current knowledge and skills for
teaching Latinx ELL youth.

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