Copeland, B. A., Talbert, B. A., LaRose, S. E., & Russell, M. (2020). College and career ready? A snapshot of 12th grade national FFA members. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(4), 90-108.

High school graduates must be College and Career Ready to be successful in their future academic
and employment pursuits. Employability skills such as communication, leadership, and critical thinking
are in high demand from colleges and employers. High school academic success is an indicator the
person has the skills and background necessary for success in further education. We conducted a
descriptive study of 2018-2019 high school senior members of the National FFA Organization to
provide an updated and focused look into its student membership. The goal was to assess the level of
employability skills and academic success retained through high school considering the skills desired
by 21st Century employers. Exploring, defining, and understanding the current National FFA student
membership’s achievements and interests in career pathways is important to ensure the optimal
educational experience for today’s youth. The study occurred in fall 2018 with 2,087 respondents
completing the online survey. Respondents reported self-perceived high employability skill levels and
above average academic success. This could imply study respondents are College and Career Ready.

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