Edgar, D. W., Seevers, B., & Graham, D. (2020). Describing volunteer involvement in school-based agricultural education programs. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(4), 78-89. http://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2020.04078

The purpose of this descriptive study was to assess volunteer involvement in school-based
agricultural education (SBAE) programs. An electronic survey (based on Seevers and
Rosencrans,2001) was sent to a census of SBAE instructors in three states. Attitudes of involving
volunteers was positive although there were some roles SBAE participants’ believed that volunteers
should not assume. Primary roles that volunteers assumed include advisory committees,
fundraising and assisting with FFA activities. However, activities with the highest number of hours
contributed were classroom instruction, FFA activities and chaperoning. Most instructors agreed
that while volunteers provided a benefit to their programs it was easier to spend their time and
efforts on the task than to train a volunteer. Instructors do believe that volunteers provide a positive
service to SBAE programs but are not comfortable in the roles of training and supervising them,
indicating an opportunity for pre-service and in-service support.

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