Colclasure, B., Ruth, T., Brooks, T., & Holmes, A. (2021). Hemp, hemp, hooray: The impact of a hemp educational campaign on college students’ attitudes and knowledge of industrial hemp. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(1), 246-259.

Through the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp became a federally legal crop in the United States
for the first time in nearly a half century. Farmers from across the country became interested in the
potential of the crop and land-grant universities and other institutions of higher education were
challenged with the task of closing an expansive knowledge gap through research and outreach.
Despite its federally legal status, hemp’s association with marijuana and public stigma remain. This
study investigated university students’ knowledge and attitudes toward hemp before and after an
educational campaign that involved hemp plants on campus. Results indicated students initially had
low knowledge about hemp. A majority of students did not recognize the crop as being federally legal
and were unable to distinguish major differences between hemp and marijuana. Despite low
knowledge, students held fairly high attitudes toward hemp. After the educational campaign, students
were significantly more knowledgeable and held more favorable attitudes toward hemp.

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