Moser, E. & McKim, A. (2021). Exploring curriculum congruence and connectivity within school-based agricultural education. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(1), 170-183.

Teacher connectivity represents a relatively new and exciting construct within school based
agricultural education. Existing research identifying a relationship between teacher connectivity and
career commitment illuminates the need for additional research on teacher connectivity within schoolbased
agricultural education. Framed using the Relational Theory of Working, the current research
analyzes four facets of teacher connectivity (i.e., connection to the community, curriculum, school, and
other school-based agricultural education teachers) alongside curriculum congruence, years of
teaching experience, and teacher certification type. Results illustrate, among the majority of
respondents, personal interest toward an agricultural subject exceeds the presence of that topic within
their program. Across all areas studied, only 17.65% of responding teachers experienced alignment
between their personal interests and level of curriculum represented within their program.
Furthermore, results from this investigation highlight connectivity is highest among teachers who
experience congruence between the presence of their curriculum and their personal interests, teachers
later in their career, and teachers traditionally certified. In concert, results highlight teacher
characteristics which may predispose a teacher to struggle establishing connections within the
profession. Recommendations for research and practice are framed by aligning the theoretical
framework, findings, and conclusions.

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