Catlin M. Goodwin and Aaron J. McKim . (2021). Classroom and Contest Overlap: Implications for Student Performance. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(4), 158-172.

The three-circle model of agricultural education serves as a cornerstone of the discipline; however, empirical evidence analyzing the overlap between components of the model is lacking. The current study explored the overlap between classroom instruction and FFA via a researcher-created Career Development Event and Curriculum Scale (CDECS) within the context of Environmental and Natural Resources curriculum and the Environmental Skills Career Development Event (CDE) in Michigan. Leveraging the ecological systems theory, results from the CDECS were compared to student performance in the Environmental Skills CDE as well as evidence of knowledge transfer. Findings indicated teachers had moderate overlap between classroom curriculum and the Environmental Skills CDE, as measured by the CDECS. In addition, results indicated small, positive correlations between the teacher-reported CDECS and student achievement in the CDE as well as their knowledge transfer. Findings provide empirical evidence of the relationship between classroom and FFA overlap and student performance. Further, findings provide practitioners, teacher educators, CDE coordinators, and researchers with a foundation from which to build additional understanding of the relationships between elements of the three-circle model.

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