Disberger, B., Washburn, S.G., Hock, G., & Ulmer, J. (2022). Induction programs for beginning agriculture teachers: Research-based recommendations on program structure and content. Journal of Agricultural Education, 63(1), 132-148. https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2022.01132


The shortage of teachers, specifically agriculture teachers, has been established and literature shows us why some teachers choose to leave. The question remains, how can we provide induction programs to agriculture teachers that support their unique needs and ultimately retain beginning agriculture teachers in the profession long term? This longitudinal qualitative case study began with eight traditionally certified beginning agriculture teachers and concluded with six completing the three-year study. The collective case study gathered data from site visits, monthly interviews, and annual focus groups. Recommendations were made for components that should exist in an induction program for beginning agriculture teachers. The content beginning teachers may need, how to structure a program, and items mentors and facilitators need to be aware of when providing a comprehensive program are provided. Recommended components include developing a supportive community among the teachers, providing “as needed” resources, multiple mentors, feedback on teaching, and structured reflection.

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