Disberger, B., Washburn, S.G., Hock, G., & Ulmer, J. (2022). Accomplishments and challenges experienced by beginning agriculture teachers in their first three years: A collective case study. Journal of Agricultural Education, 63(1), 115-131. https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2022.01115


Studies show beginning agriculture teachers have different experiences than their seasoned colleagues, but how are their experiences different? This phenomenological collective case study tells the story of traditionally certified beginning agriculture teachers throughout their first three years of teaching. The study began with eight teachers in their first year and concluded with six teachers completing three years of teaching. Data collection included an on-site visit with an observation of teaching, tour, and an in-person interview followed by monthly phone interviews throughout the three academic years. Each year concluded with the teachers completing a reflection guide and participating in a focus group. The collective strengths and challenges the teachers faced were presented and organized by each year of experience. The findings highlighted areas the profession should support beginning agriculture teachers by including increased feedback and mentoring for teachers, resources on student management, work/life balance, seeking funding, and community relations.

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