Forbush, J., McKim, A. J., & McKendree, R. B. (2022). Core academic offerings in Michigan Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Education programs. Journal of Agricultural Education, 63(3), 233-246.


Offering core academic credits (e.g., math, science) for completing agriculture, food, and natural resources (AFNR) coursework at the secondary school level has the potential to increase the strength of the AFNR program as well as student interdisciplinary learning. Informed by the Career and Technical Education Student Typology, we explored the scope of core academic offerings in Michigan AFNR programs, including the frequency of core academic offerings, AFNR course types in which core academics are offered, and types of core academic credit obtained. Findings indicate 95.00% of Michigan teachers responding to the survey offered some form of core academic credit through their AFNR coursework. Additionally, findings suggest science is the most obtained core academic credit and the predominance of core academic credit is being offered in introductory course types within AFNR programs. These findings, among others, were synthesized into three conclusions which focus on the frequency of core academic offerings, strength of science as an integrated discipline, and identified opportunities to expand core academic offerings. The paper concludes with a roadmap for continued efforts to enhance core academic offerings and AFNR programs via a combination of research and practice.


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