About the Journal

The Journal of The American Association of Teacher Educators in Agriculture was first published in 1961 with two issues in mimeograph format. Many changes have occurred during the history of the Journal of Agricultural Education which have caused it to become the premier refereed journal in the profession. Among these changes have been originally published in an 8½" by 11" newsletter format (1961), 6" by 9" format established (1970), Changed from two issues per year to three (1971), Editing-managing board established (1975), Refereed publication status achieved (1975), First publication of Distinguished Lecture (1976), Editorial Review Board established (1983), Outstanding articles recognized for first time (1983), First business manager hired (1986), changed name to Journal of Agricultural Education (1989), Changed back to an 8½" by 11" format (1994), First electronic issue (2009), Celebration of 50th volume (2009), and all electronic format (2011).

Many editors have served the organization throughout its history. They have included:

1961-64 R. W. Cline, University of Arizona

1965-66 Gordon L. Swanson, University of Minnesota

1966-69 J. C. Atherton, Louisiana State University

1970-73 John Crunkilton, Virginia Tech

1974-76 Larry Miller, Virginia Tech/University of Missouri

1977-79 Jasper Lee, Mississippi State University

1980-82 Ron Brown, Mississippi State University

1983-85 John Hillison, Virginia Tech

1986-88 Kirby Barrick, The Ohio State University

1989-91 Phil Buriak, University of Illinois

1992-94 Al Kahler, Iowa State University

1995-97 Jamie Cano, The Ohio State University

1998-00 Joe Kotrlik, Louisiana State University

2001-03 Blannie Bowen, Pennsylvania State University

2004-06 Greg Miller, Iowa State University

2007-09 Rama Radhakrishana, Pennsylvania State University

2010-12 Grady Roberts, University of Florida

2013-15 D. Barry Croom, North Carolina State University/Oregon State University

2016-18 Harry N. Boone, Jr., West Virginia University

2019-20 Catherine Shoulders, University of Arkansas

2021-2023 Don W. Edgar, New Mexico State University

2024 Editor: Brian E. Myers, University of Florida; Editor-elect: Rebecca Lawver, Utah State University; Past-editor: Don W. Edgar, University of Idaho