A Historical Analysis of the Role of Music in the FFA and NFA Organizations


  • James. J. Connors University of Idaho




Future Farmers of America, FFA, New Farmers of America, NFA, Music, Bands, Chorus, Talent


For centuries music has played a vital role in the lives of people, communities, and organizations. This is the same for agricultural and youth organizations like the Future Farmers of America (FFA) and the New Farmers of America (NFA). From the very beginning of these youth groups, music has played an important part  in the live’s of members, as well as in chapter, state, and national events. The purpose of this historical research study was to document the history of music within the Future Farmers of America and New Farmers of America youth organizations. Historical research methods were used to gather information for this study. From the beginnings of both the FFA and NFA, local advisors quickly saw the benefit of using music to build leadership, confidence, and esprit de corps among the boys in their organizations. The NFA developed quartet and talent competitions at the state and national levels. Both the FFA and NFA organizations established chorus groups for boys from across the country. The FFA placed more emphasis on state and national bands and orchestras than did the NFA. Song books were published to encourage the inclusion of singing in FFA and NFA events. Official manuals for the organizations included songs and yells that could be used in local chapter activities. Organization leaders saw the benefits of using music to inspire youth to develop their musical and leadership skills. Music has been a key component of the success of both the FFA and NFA  organizations.


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James. J. Connors. (2021). A Historical Analysis of the Role of Music in the FFA and NFA Organizations. Journal of Agricultural Education, 62(4), 1–15. https://doi.org/10.5032/jae.2021.04001