Changes in Student Teachers' Intention to Teach During Student Teaching


  • T. Grady Roberts University of Florida
  • Bradley C. Greiman University of Minnesota
  • T. H. Murphy Texas A&M University
  • John C. Ricketts University of Georgia
  • Julie F. Harlin Texas A&M Univeristy
  • Gary E. Briers Texas A&M University



Changes in Student Teachers, Intention to Teach, Student Teaching


Over the course of the student teaching experience, a student teacher’s intention to teach can increase, decrease, or remain the same. The purpose of this study was to explore differences in student teachers that were representative of each category. Teaching intention of 103 student teachers at four universities in 2005-2006 exhibited little change from the beginning of student teaching to the middle of the experience. There was a 7% increase in those who indicated they did not intend to teach from the beginning of student teaching to the end of the experience. The researchers recommend that decision to teach be monitored early in the preservice teaching career to determine when this decision is typically made as well as including other efficacy variables for determinants of career choice.


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Roberts, T. G., Greiman, B. C., Murphy, T. H., Ricketts, J. C., Harlin, J. F., & Briers, G. E. (2009). Changes in Student Teachers’ Intention to Teach During Student Teaching. Journal of Agricultural Education, 50(4), 134–145.




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