One Without the Other: Contextualizing Mobility Through Discourse Analysis


  • Becky Haddad University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Jonathan Velez Oregon State University
  • Josh Stewart Oregon State University
  • Haden Botkin University of Nebraska-Lincoln


community, teacher mobility, teaching career, teacher careers, teacher retention, teacher support, community engagement, support, challenge


Community engagement has significant impacts on SBAE teachers’ perceived opportunities to remain at their schools or in the profession at large. We wanted to better understand how interactions between teachers and their communities invoked challenge or support, particularly in helping us understand how to retain mobile teachers. Specific to this study, our purpose was to understand how individuals in communities interacted with each other’s positions to better identify where support and challenge were perceived. This discourse analysis utilized the metalanguage generated from a series of interviews, based in dialogue, with several actors across a single migratory context. To evaluate the use of positionalities, we aligned previously identified positions of each group against the other. This condensed to three themes articulating how actors’ positionalities interacted: Conflicting Requirements, I Can and I Will, and All My Love and Support for question one, and themes of Support and Challenge to answer question two. These themes culminated in an interactional work cycle recognizing replaceability and we discuss the theoretical implications of this work cycle for SBAE teachers and community influencers alike.


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Author Biographies

Becky Haddad, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Assistant Professor of Agricultural Education in the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Jonathan Velez, Oregon State University

Department Head in Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Education at Oregon State University

Josh Stewart, Oregon State University

Assistant Professor in Agricultural Education at Oregon State University




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Haddad, B., Velez, J., Stewart, J., & Botkin, H. (2024). One Without the Other: Contextualizing Mobility Through Discourse Analysis. Journal of Agricultural Education, 65(2), 160–176. Retrieved from



Journal of Agricultural Education

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