That’s not in my position description

A discourse analysis of SBAE migratory context




teacher mobility, mobile teacher, career moves, autonomy, replaceability, support, success, challenge, teacher turnover


While the choice to move to a new school is personal, many play a role in justifying that choice for the mobile teacher. These justifiers—or influencers—make up the socializing network for teachers (in this case, SBAE teachers) in new settings. Our study outlined how mobile SBAE teachers rationalize the choice to change schools and validate career moves. We used a positioning theory approach to discourse to give migrators (teachers who change schools) and influencers a voice. Positioning theory allowed us to situate migrators as they reflected on their choice to change school districts, and influencers as they recounted their interactions with new-to-district SBAE teachers. The purpose of our study was to identify the positionality of migrating SBAE teachers in their school-based context. We did this by examining positionalities of SBAE teachers and influencers in their interactions. Four themes described how SBAE migrators identified their positionality: This is Where I’m Meant to Be, Additional Duties as Assigned, I’m the Real Deal, and Everyone is Special. Four themes further described how SBAE influencers identified their positionality: We’re All Doing the Best We Can, You Gotta Want It, Double Standards, and All or Nothing. We found SBAE teachers aligned with their positioning in the Agricultural Education literature and found additional implications for mobile teachers. The teachers in this study also navigated the expectations set by their predecessor and voiced by their community. Our recommendations focus on SBAE teachers and their job search, workload, responsible autonomy, and replaceability, and influencers’ interactions to support these endeavors.


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Haddad, B., Jonathan Velez, Josh Stewart, & Haden Botkin. (2023). That’s not in my position description: A discourse analysis of SBAE migratory context. Journal of Agricultural Education, 64(3), 203–224.



Journal of Agricultural Education

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