Integrating virtual reality technology into beginning welder training sequences


  • Brittney Heibel Texas State University
  • Ryan Anderson Texas State University
  • Marshall Swafford
  • Bradley Borges Texas State University



virtual reality, virtual welding, welding education, welding training, blended learning


Virtual reality (VR) technology is an advanced modern resource commonly integrated into various forms of training. VR training simulations are customizable in that quality-grading parameter settings, physical environment, and user capacity can be modified to personal or professional preference. In this study, VR technology training practices are utilized to enact meaningful learning. Meaningful learning is achieved by providing visual and audial cues within the virtual training environment, weld performance skill development, and adequate skill practice time over a four-week span. This method of practice will reflect a new training style where beginning welders receive personalized feedback from both the VRTEX 360 virtual reality welding simulator and welding instructor. This training method benefits learners by expediting and enhancing their skill acquisition, adjusting their performance according to the various feedback they receive, and thereby experiencing meaningful learning. Results indicate that with each round of VR welding training participants’ test weld scores continuously increased, as well as consistently scoring 80% and higher. This enhanced performance of beginning welders implies VR welding training can effectively aid in developing complex welding skills. We recommend that future research investigate the effectiveness of parameter cues and total cost-savings of integrated VR technology into welding training methods.


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Heibel, B., Anderson, R., Swafford, M., & Borges, B. (2024). Integrating virtual reality technology into beginning welder training sequences. Journal of Agricultural Education, 65(1), 210–225.



Journal of Agricultural Education

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