The Role of Collaboration Throughout the Agricultural Education Student Teaching Experience


  • Scott W. Smalley Iowa State University
  • Jay Solomonson Illinois State University
  • Kelsey R. Schramm Woodbury Central Community Schools



collaboration, pre-service teachers, student teaching


When educators collaborate to create different products, construct knowledge, and solve problems, they develop their collegiality and it motivates them to return each year. Vygotsky’s Sociocultural Theory (1962) aided in the understanding of pre-service teachers’ experiences related to collaboration during their teacher preparation program. The purpose of this study was to investigate the collaborative efforts conducted among student teachers hosted in school-based agricultural education programs. Findings in this study indicated that working with other teachers enhanced pre-service student teacher’s ability to create activities. Participants believed technology could enhance collaboration. Collaboration occurred with various audiences throughout the student teaching semester with participants indicating they primarily worked with their cooperating teacher, other student teachers, and agriculture teachers. Many regularly collaborated with their former high school agriculture teacher. The results indicate that teacher preparation programs need to develop collaborative opportunities throughout the collegiate experience


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Smalley, S. W., Solomonson, J., & Schramm, K. R. (2020). The Role of Collaboration Throughout the Agricultural Education Student Teaching Experience. Journal of Agricultural Education, 61(4), 329–342.




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